mRNA CDMO service

Elixirgen Scientific Japan is the Leading mRNA CDMO  service provider who can support Drug Discovery with affordable and on time GMP mRNA

Service Range

Focusing on API development and manufacturing

・Structure design and modification

・Process and analytical methods development

・ug ~ g scale manufacturing capability

・Support with documentation and dossier under cGMP


For research grade,

Scope definition      : 1 month

mRNA Synthesis*  : 2~3 months

* It depends on the scope. If customers provide plasmid template, we can delivery mRNA within 1.5 month after receiving the template.


We have already delivered over 200 mRNAs.

Customer’s voice in 2022:

“We are strongly satisfied with your service, because you completed the project and delivered high quality mRNAs in a short period.”

Delivery record

We have delivered mRNAs for Pharmaceutical industries or Academic institutions in Japan and the US


Elixirgen Scientific Japan, Inc.